At The Spot, we want you to be found when people search for a specific keyword or phrase and so a dedicated team is put up. Rest assured that this team will be working and managing your account behind the scene. They will be responsible in analyzing the keywords and phrases linked to your account. Not to mention, the best asset you could get from us would be our Certified SEO Consultants. They will passionately share ideas and tips on how to outrank competition. Because here at The Spot SEO we focus on getting your business found, chosen, and be loved.

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The Spot SEO is an experienced and reliable SEO that was developed by professional SEO experts that envisioned helping small businesses establish an online presence and be found by their potential customers. Branding your business on the most perfect spot –that’s on the front page of the major search engines and online directory sites is one of our priority. The next is how to use that spot to grow your business.

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The Team

Our team has an ample experience in Search engine optimization, technical support, and website designs. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer service. In line with that, our clients gets to talk to our certified business consultants who would love to share incredible strategies, tactics and important analytics to keep you moving forward and dramatically increase conversion rates. We passionately work with you in getting your business visible online – every single data is analyzed before we publish to ensure that the content of your page is relevant and will keep visitors coming back.

Internet marketing as we all know is not instant this should be something to be worked on continuously. We, here at the Spot SEO uses effective, tried tested and proven SEO techniques to ensure that you will be consistently appearing on the top page once you earned your relevancy and credibility on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Internet has played the biggest part in consumers life these days and in fact research shows that 97% of consumers do online research before purchasing a product or service. Hence, The Spot SEO offers packages that could get you to that spot light where you can be viewed by your target audience. The packages include search engine sites, social media sites, review site and online directory sites. Search engine sites according to studies are the single largest source of web traffic because it is the most common site an online shopper looks when browsing for a business whereas review sites play a critical role on client’s decision whether or not they will pick you. Having a review site would allow you to capture best customer reviews thus help in improving your online reputation. For social media sites, these sites has already become a part of human lives, maximizing the use of it for marketing would mean an easy yet exciting way to stay connected with customers. Online directory sites on one hand, helps in getting your page appear higher on Google organic search result.

Your customers don’t know you exist and as an online marketing partner of yours, our primary goal would be safeguarding spot or you where your customers are. And where are they? They’re online – researching/comparing prices.

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