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REVIEWS affect online Visibility

Reviews are commonly critiques or evaluation, positive or negative, made by individuals who have encountered your products or services.

Accumulating genuine positive reviews from your customers help in making your business credible. In those comments, your service and products are being discussed by third parties making it more reliable. According to statistics, 90% of customers are deciding to choose or not to choose a business basing on what they read in the review section of your page. Also, it also gives your potential customer ideas how your performance and services are delivered.

A customer’s positive review serves as a testimony on how you provide your service or products. Earning positive reviews attract more individual to engage business with you because they trust their co-customer’s opinion.

Reviews are important especially on your Google Plus page. Gaining high positive reviews will definitely affect your front page visibility. Asking your customer’s positive review is a step on achieving this process.

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Impact of front page visibility on your business

Our generation is branded as the computer generated era because of the advance technologies that are being utilized. Also, the power of the internet can’t be underestimated. It gave the world freedom on many aspects like easy communication, faster searching results, expression of one’s idea through blogging and much more. As it became more popular, it became a perfect site for business advertisement.

Because of the tight business competition online, having your business on the front page of themajor Search Engines is an advantage. According to professional researches almost 94% of searchers only scan the front page of any search engines and will not proceed further to the next page. This means whatever a searcher saw on the front page will probably their next service provider. Now the question is, are you in the front page of the three major search engines—Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Achieving Front Page Placement is through patience, expertise, excellence and skills. Being in the front page takes time, it is not instant.

Tips on how to be on Front Page

1. Accuracy and consistency of information provided.

Important business information includes business name, phone number, address, email address and website. These are commonly the significant information a potential customer will seek after arriving at your name on the results page. Having this information unified and consistent on any directories you have been a factor to increase your visibility online.

2. Relevancy of the information to the business.

The information a business must contain should be connected to what your business really is. If you are a restaurant, pictures, especially, should be related to the products you are offering.

3. Recency of the updates regarding your business.

Regular updates about your business show that you are active and you are still operating. Updates also serve as an advertisement on what is the latest on your business.

Be patient and persuasive in achieving your goal to be on the front page. It may take time but the return of investment is guaranteed.

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